A nightmare

I had a surprisingly vivid/detailed dream/nightmare today.  I was organizing a puzzle hunt in honor of Ian Tullis' birthday (April 15th, if you didn't know).  Well, I was writing most of the puzzles, other people were doing the logistics.  It happened to dovetail with a large group touring several wineries -- the idea was that small teams would get the packet of a few dozen puzzles, solve them at their leisure.  There was a metapuzzle at the end that involved extracting data from a story that you picked up along the way, where the answer would be SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH JEUX and you'd end up at a big game party at a local park.  So it's Saturday, the day before the hunt.  The convention's been going for a while and people are having fun enjoying it.  Not me; I'm furiously making last-minute changes and checks on the puzzles because of course there are little errors.  Suddenly I notice there's a bunch of chatter on the convention slack where competitors are discussing answers to the puzzles.  I go WTF, and discover to my horror that the logistics folks have screwed up or misread the schedule, and have launched the puzzle hunt A DAY EARLY, presumably using the most recent draft of the puzzles.  The nightmare continues on for a few more hours as an emergency meeting of organizers are called and figuring out the impact of undoing the puzzle release and how to do this fairly across all teams.  Eventually we get to a decision that isn't perfect but is the best solution we've got.  And then I go back to editing puzzles, but of course I was planning on having most of Saturday to do this work without budgeting losing hours of time to a meeting, and now the netbook that I was using to do the editing is running out of power and can't seem to find a power adapter for it  I've edited and checked about 5 or so more puzzles, when I'm awoken from the dream by my phone ringing.

(It was an embassy phishing scam call, by the way.)


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